Firm boxes with printing


Lamination is a method of manufacturing full-color packaging, which is used when direct printing on a material cannot be done. The full-color corrugated cardboard boxes are made by the method of lamination.

Custom-made cardboard boxes at ATTOLIS

In the ATTOLIS company we have been manufacturing boxes of laminated cardboard and corrugated cardboard for about 20 years. The production facilities of our company are located in Ukraine, Dnipro city. However, the quality of our products and the level of service have already been appreciated by many companies throughout Ukraine.

Thanks to the technique of laminating cardboard, any package can be made as attractive, durable and original as possible. Creating boxes of this type involves gluing several layers of paper or carton. Lamination is used if it is not possible to perform direct printing directly on the material.

Prices for cardboard boxes are calculated based on:

  • type of box;
  • processing features;
  • number of items;

We make these types of boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes:

  • “Show box” - this option makes it possible to demonstrate the goods;
  • “With a hinged lid” - are used both for storage and as decoration;
  • “Pencil case” - a box with a drawer, suitable for decoration and storage;

Cardboard Boxes:

  • “Box-package” - convenient for long-term transportation of goods;
  • “Pencil case” - suitable for food and non-food products;
  • “Triangle” - attracts with its originality;
  • “Bowl” - ideal for french fries or noodles, more about packaging for food here.