Packaging for plastic cards

Packaging for plastic cards comes in simple or luxury designs (for membership cards, VIP-cards) and with extra finishing. Ordinary mass cards require no sophisticated packaging, but a brochure, a leaflet or a catalogue may be enclosed to the package along with a card. In this case a box or an envelope should be appropriately sized to contain all necessary enclosure. Also it needs special means to fix the card (e.g. corner slots). 

What are the ways to highlight the status of a plastic card with the help of packaging?

VIP-card packaging should have an expensive and classy look to lay an accent on the high status of the owner of the card enclosed The packaging is designed in accordance with a corporate style of a company (bank, boutique, restaurant, club) which grants the card.

In this case post-print finish elements are of great importance. At the customer’s request the card packaging can be either completely covered with UV-varnish to give it gloss and vibrant colors or UV spot varnish can be applied only on specific elements, e.g. logo. The whole surface of the card package can be coated with matte film to add velvety touch to the material. Selected elements of the package can be highlighted with hot stamping (with or without foil) or glitter varnish.

With its wide range of up-to-date equipment for post-printing finishing Attolis company is capable of manufacturing plastic card packaging with any specifications and finish options.