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Envelopes of standart and irregular sizes

Attolis company manufactures envelopes of standard sizes (С6, Е6, С5, С4) and irregular sized envelopes on demand.


Envelopes available to order:


  • standard size envelopes in any quantities
  • envelopes with a customers’ logo and/or contacts
  • full-color printed envelopes and envelopes with full 100% color coverage
  • windowed envelopes
  • personalized envelopes - every envelope is printed with an individual address and a receiver’s name in accordance with the data provided by a customer
  • bespoke envelopes



The price of an envelope depends on order volume, envelope size, presence/absence of printing and post printing finishing.


Modifications of envelope flap shape and envelope flap position are possible.


Envelopes may have security tinted pattern (blue or gray) printed on the inside which makes it difficult to read the content and protects confidential information. Envelopes can be sealed either with latex gum or with dextrin.