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Booklet printing and production

Booklet is a folded printed sheet. It can be folded more than once for more convenient distribution. Booklets are usually used for drawing attention of potential consumers towards activity and products of a company, that is why colorful design of a booklet makes it more attractive.  

Purpose of booklet

Advertising booklet belongs to low-cost means of informing consumers about goods/service, special offers or about new companies . A relatively small-sized booklet may contain not only text information, but graphic one as well (photos, pictures). 

Booklet production

Text information about goods/service/company is printed on a sheet of paper with all information blocks designed according to unified corporate standards of a customer company. The printed sheet is folded by special lines which separate one information block from another. Folding can be ordinary one or combined with creasing (creasing is preliminary marking of fold lines with the help of blunt knifes).