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Printing and Brochure Making

Attolis company can design and produce brochures of any size. Brochure is a popular kind of promotional products in the form of book with soft covers. Brochures are quite often confused with magazines or catalogues. 

Purpose of brochure

The purpose of a brochure is to inform a consumer about particular goods or service produced/provided by a customer. Several pages of a brochure contain a short presentation of goods/service including bright pictures, guidelines, price-lists, customer’s contacts. 

Brochure volume

Practical volume of a brochure is 4–48 pages of bound printed sheets with colorful graphics. The sheets can be bound according to customer’s request (with spirals made of plastic or metal, or with saddle stitching).  Attolis company can develop a design for a brochure or produce a brochure according to your design. To order brochure you can click CONTACT US button or call the contact numbers indicated on the website.