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Calendars printing

Unlike ordinary calendars a corporate calendar is intended not only for practical use but for advertising purposes as well displaying company’s important dates, key business contacts, and elements of company’s corporate style. Corporate calendars can make a useful present for existing and potential customers, business partners and other market participants.


Requirements for design and quality


Corporate calendars are long-term promotional products meant to be used not once but during the whole calendar year, that is why these products should be of top quality.

The calendar is designed in corporate style of a customer company. In case of multipage calendar, the company’s logo can be located in a certain place on every page.


Main types of calendars:


  • wall calendars: poster calendar, spiral-bound calendar (often with movable date marker);
  • desktop calendars: tent calendar, pyramid calendar. Both variants are meant to have images printed on all sides;
  • pocket calendars: standard size of pocket calendar: 100 mm x 70 mm. Such calendars may be laminated or laminate-free, with rounded corners, or other types of post-printing finish can be applied for pocket calendars.


Attolis company prints various customized calendars according to your requests and demands.