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Making and printing folders for documents

Folders are made from heavy paper stock and can be branded with company’s logo, website, and other contact information. 


Designing of folders in corporate style


There are two possible ways of folder application:


  • for storage of company’s internal documentation;
  • for delivering organized documents to customers or business partners.


In both cases a cardboard folder can be covered with special coating to add more official appearance to the product and increase durability: embossing or lamination, die-cut logo or varnishing of front cover.  


Types of folders:


  • simple corner folders for small amount of papers Generally for official occasions corner folders with corporate branding are used;
  • folders with elastic closures are used for handover of insignificant amount of documents;
  • Folders with flaps and pockets manufactured by die cutting technique These folders are convenient for storage of considerable amount of documentation.


Attolis company manufactures various customized folders according to you requests and demands.