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Printing of posters

One-side printed products are called posters and their main purpose is to inform about goods, services, events, campaigns. The front side of a large printed sheet bears colorful image of the promoted product/service along with the company’s slogan.   The purpose of an advertising poster is to create or enhance the positive image of customer company and that is why the key element of the poster is a graphic image (picture, photograph).

Unlike an advertising poster an event poster is meant not only to inform but also to invite to visit one or another event. The event poster contains whereabouts of event location and contact numbers on which one can find out about conditions of the event/campaign.

Also posters can perform an aesthetic function when used for artistic photos or art reproductions. There are educational posters: posters for coloring, posters with alphabet, words or rules to remember.


Paper type for posters


Most frequently posters are printed on ordinary matte coated paper, bearing colorful eye-catching image and short text or slogan . Sometimes posters are covered with film or varnish and double-sided adhesive tape is attached on the back.

Attolis company prints various customized posters according to your requests and demands.