Sticker printing

Printing labels and self-adhesive stickers is very convenient and economical, you can print product information on them and stick them on boxes, on plastic bottles, cans, any containers.

Recently, stickers and stickers have become popular as promotional products, because they attract attention, create the style of the company and cause pleasant emotions, interest. Stickers are printed on a special self-adhesive film or self-adhesive paper.

If you order stickers at ATTOLIS printing house, then you will get inexpensive and high-quality products. They can be glued to various surfaces: paper, cardboard, plastic, ceramics, glass.

Making custom stickers on order

Stickers can also be expensive and presentable, if you additionally refine them with any of the proposed methods:

  • embossed;
  • applying "high varnish" by Silk Foil method or matte coating Soft Touch;
  • application to individual parts of glitter varnish.

The prices for all our services are calculated individually and depend on the volume of the order and the complexity of the post-print processing. Please call +380 (97) 790-90-00 for all questions, write to us in instant messengers or leave your question in the feedback form and we will call you back.

Our customers from Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine have already managed to appreciate the high quality of our products and the individual approach to each client.

The Attolis company makes printing of stickers and stickers on:

  • self-adhesive paper
  • self-adhesive film
  • and reverse window stickers.

What are the types and features of the manufacture of stickers?

Types and use of branded stickers:

  • Stickers can replace the seal on the packaging in Kharkov. For example, branded stickers can be glued to standard white take-away boxes, or full product information on the product is indicated on sticker labels for plastic containers, and the sticker label is glued on the container.
  • Stickers with a logo can seal the packaging in stores - order a sticker to be printed and place it on the box's opening location.
  • Corporate stickers with images and characters, comic phrases are an absolute trend. They are glued to phones, laptops, diaries. Therefore, it is important that the stickers are of high quality and retain their brightness and original appearance longer.

ATTOLIS has high-quality sticker printing in Odessa. We use technologies that protect your stickers from abrasion. All services for manufacturing custom-made stickers or stickers are carried out at low cost.

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