Sticker is a self-adhesive label.

Stickers are made from pressure sensitive film and can be adhered to different surfaces: paper, cardboard, plastic, ceramics, glass.

Printed images are applied on film and further the printed film is kiss-cut with a die to create the outline of every sticker. During the kiss-cutting process the die should cut the top film layer only, properly and without gaps, leaving the backing intact.    

Self-adhesive labels are very convenient and cost-effective. Stickers with product information printed on them can be attached to boxes, plastic bottles, tin cans, and any containers and packaging.

Self-adhesive labels can also be expensive and presentable if they are finished by embossing or raised varnish coating in Silk Foil technique, or coated with Soft Touch varnish, or by glitter varnish applied on selected areas.  

Attolis company can manufacture stickers on self-adhesive paper, on pressure sensitive film, and reverse clear window decals.